17 settembre: seminario inaugurale semestre per le lauree Magistrali in Advanced Automotive Engineering, Ingegneria del Veicolo ed Ingegneria Meccanica

Seminario inaugurale del semestre accademico Calum Douglas, Piston Aero-Engine History Specialist Engine Mechanical Designer

«Advanced Piston Engine Development from 1935 to 1945 in Military Fighter Aircraft Engines»

Lunedì 17 settembre 2018 ore 10:00, Sala Eventi del Tecnopolo

Calum Douglas started his career in engineering as an aerospace welder, after five years he left to study at Oxford Brookes University under the former chief designer of Cosworth Geoff Goddard to learn to design high performance engines. His undergraduate thesis on gearbox lubrication was published by the Journal of Engineering Tribology and resulted in NASA re-issuing their paper "Spur-Gear-System Efficiency at Part and Full Load" with corrections.

Four of the six years at University were spent as project manager for the Formula Student project to design and build a complete 600cc V-Twin engine. With over 20 international students participating, this engine ran sucessfully - and was shown in Race Engine Technology magazine.

After graduation Calum worked as an engine designer for Toyota Motorsport GmbH, before returning to the UK to start a design consultancy and is now helping develop the electronic valve actuation system recently shown at the Aachen Colloquium by Camcon Automotive.

He has spent the last five years researching Second World War fighter aircraft engine technology, which will result in a book being published in 2019 and has given technical presentations on this research to Renault-Sport F1 in Paris, Mercedes-AMG F1 in Northampton and Toyota Motorsport in Germany.



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