Lecture within the course Physical Chemistry of Materials, entitled: "Development, characterization and applicability of a home-made nanostructured gold electrode."

Wednesday the 23rd May 2018, 14.00, c/o Room P2.1 (Fa-2a), Building 25,


Department of Drug Science and Technology, DSTF,
University of Torino,Via Giuria 9, 10125 Torino, Italy

Will deliver a lecture within the course Physical Chemistry of Materials, entitled:

“Development, characterization and applicability of a home-made nanostructured gold electrode. “

Abstract: fish accumulate considerable amount of mercury and methylmercury in their tissues representing a critical source of these chemical species into diets.
This presentation is focused on the development of a simple procedure for on-site determination of mercury and methylmercury in sea-matrices. A gold nanoparticle-modified glassy carbon electrode (AuNPs-GCE) is exploited to implement a procedure that permits, simultaneously, both the digestion of the sample on-site and the quantification of both inorganic and organic mercury

Il Direttore del DIEF: Prof. Alessandro Capra

Il Responsabile del Corso Il Presidente CdS: Prof. Franco Battaglia

Il Presidente del CdS: Prof. Paolo Veronesi