MilleChili Lab

Main contact person: Sara Mantovani.

Tel.: +39 059 2056280

Department of Engineering Enzo Ferrari
via Pietro Vivarelli, 10, 
41124 Modena (MO) Italia 
Building: MO28, 1st floor, Room: 001


MilleChili is an academic laboratory working in the field of the automotive chassis design, optimization and innovation. 

MilleChili was founded in 2009 by the Machine Design Group of the DIMeC (Dep. of Mechanical and Civil Engineering of Modena), now named DIEF (Dep. of Engineering "Enzo Ferrari"), together with Ferrari S.p.A. with the objective of effectively transferring and linking the technology and know-how from the research realm to the industrial environment. The MilleChili belief is that no innovation is possible without research.

During the years, a competent, dynamic, and young working group has developed and has succeeded in gaining the trust of many important companies in the automotive field and in advanced mechanics. 

Millechili Lab has achieved considerable longstanding and recognised expertise in the understanding and modelling of mechanical structures by advanced numerical and experimental techniques. Specific areas of interest are:

  • Materials characterization and FE correlation
  • Composite materials investigation for automotive applications
  • Crash event simulation
  • Design optimization
  • Validation testing and failure analysis
  • Numerical methodology assessment

To quantify the impact of this lab on the chassis research activity, the total number of master degree students who have attended the laboratory since its foundation are 130,  10 per cent of whom been PhD students. The majority of these students work in the automotive field and in the motorsport circus.