Rheology Laboratory - ReoLab

Main contact person: Marcello Romagnoli.

Referent: Miriam Hanuskova.

Tel.: +39 331 6819907

Reolab is a laboratory for the analysis and study of the rheological behavior of suspensions and fluids composed of different materials. It is able to carry out a wide rheological characterization, not only related to viscosity, but also to time and shear-dependent behaviors. It can carry out measures for third parties, industrial and basi research, optimization of formulations by DOE approach.

In the laboratory several equipment are available: CS (Control Stress) rheometers with different geometries (coaxial cylinders and serrated coaxial cylinders,  plate-plate, plate-cone), rheometer for very high shear rate, surface area analyzer (BET), laser granulometer, zeta potential, powder morphology by image analysis.

It is also possible measurements in temperature up to 90-100 ° C and aging test.